Paris+ par Art Basel : solo exhibition of Georges Mathieu by Applicat-Prazan

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Applicat-Prazan gallery, and for his first participation in Paris+ par Art Basel, Franck Prazan proposes a new solo exhibition by Georges Mathieu, eight years after the one that made a big impact at FIAC 2014.

Our commitment combines with passion when it comes to Georges Mathieu, whom I consider to be one of the greatest painters of the post-war years. A theorist and practitioner of genius, he is a witness of his time and, beyond materiality, of the preceding periods, as well as—I like to hope!—of those which will have followed.

Paris+ par Art Basel takes place at the Grand Palais Éphémère from October 20 to 23, 2022 and the exhibition continues from October 29 to December 17, 2022 in the Rive gauche & Rive droite Paris galleries of Applicat-Prazan.

Photo : Jacques de Mailly au siège d’Ascalon, 1958