Abstract art of the 1950s displayed at the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport

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The Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport includes a Museum Space where until September 10, 2018, 21 abstract works from the Pompidou Center collection are on display. Christian Briend (photo above), the curator of this exhibition and the Pompidou Center, displays here the two contrasting movements in the 1950s, geometric abstraction and lyric abstractions, particularly through the works of […]

“Georges Pompidou & Art” exhibition at the Chambord castle

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Micromégas (1973, 65 x 130 cm) is currently shown at the “Georges Pompidou & Art” exhibition at the Chambord castle (800,000 visitors per year) from June 18th to November 19th, 2017. This oil on canvas is part of the collection of Centre Pompidou, this year celebrating its 40 years. Georges Mathieu started in 1963 a regular correspondence […]

The MoMA presents Théorème d’Alexandroff through Applicat-Prazan Gallery

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The Applicat-Prazan Gallery presents two works that were entrusted to it by the MoMA, the most well-known American modern art museum: an abstract painting by Jean Dubuffet, Topographie châtaine (1959) and a painting by Georges Mathieu, Théorème d’Alexandroff (1955). The Georges Mathieu Committee has written for the gallery’s catalogue a text on the artwork that puts it in the […]

Mathieu on exhibit at the Juan March Foundation in Madrid

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The Juan March Foundation in Madrid currently has on display two beautiful works by Georges Mathieu in its exhibition entitled Lo Nunca Visto. De la pintura informalista al fotolibro de postguerra (1945-1965) [Never Before Seen: from informalist painting to the postwar photobook (1945-1965)]. Those two works are a 1951 painting (128.5 x 196 cm) in black and red […]

Mathieu works displayed in the new Unterlinden museum in Colmar

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The Unterlinden Museum in Colmar, the setting for the famous Issenheim altarpiece and many Renaissance masterpieces, has just reopened its doors in December, 2015, after three years of construction work to enlarge the facility and hopefully double the number of visitors. Set in a former Dominican convent since its creation in 1853, the museum has […]