Three paintings of Mathieu shown at PAD Paris


Three paintings of Georges Mathieu are shown at the PAD Paris art and design fair that is open from the 23rd to the 26th of March:

  • Le ciel fermé (Closed Sky, 1990) at Galerie Protée (Paris), is a shining example of the fiery and powerful gesture, and of the depth of field that are specific to the so-called barbaric period, and shows a rich chromatic scale;
  • The Meaning of Meaning (1957) at Galerie Hurtebize (Cannes), displays a very fine and elegant, smooth yet energetic calligraphy, and falls within the tradition of the artworks created and exhibited in New York in the 1950s;
  • Fidélité humiliée (Humiliated Faithfulness, 1988) also at Galerie Hurtebize, shows a contrasted tachism, violent but controlled.